Interdependence Day: Reflections on the Fourth Of July

Kids4Peace —  July 6, 2017 — Leave a comment

Written by Chelsea MacMillan (Interfaith Advisor) and Selina Petschek



Two days ago at Kids4Peace VT/NH, we celebrated Interdependence Day. We began the July 4th morning asking the students if there really is such a thing as independence, considering how dependent upon other people we all are just to live our daily lives. To illustrate this concept, our Coordinator and Co-facilitator, Selina, had the kids act out the life cycle of monarch butterflies in which the presence of milkweed is crucial. Without milkweed the monarchs would not survive, no food or place to lay their larvae, and without the monarchs, the milkweed would never be pollinated and would likewise disappear. We followed up by moving into our peace groups to further explore the interdependence that weaves through each of our lives.


In each group, kids chose an everyday object to investigate: soda, Nike shoes, and pancakes, and did their best to trace all the materials back to their sources. They quickly got caught in the web of trade, commerce, ecology, humanity, the interconnectedness that we live in and partake in everyday. As one kid put it, “We could be doing this all day!” Each group presented their webs of interdependence and, together, we made lists of all of the people, materials, and earth systems that are required just to make pancakes or shoes! This may have been the first time these kids had really thought about the interconnection of all things, but it was also a great reminder to us adults.


This exploration led right into acroyoga and trust exercises with Jeff. The kids got to embody what it means to really let go and trust that their new friends will not let them fall, just like they have to trust that they will be fed and clothed by the systems that support them. The kids also learned what it looks like to give the support in return and will be more mindful of how their choices affect others.

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