Jerusalem Roots Camp – Day 4

merk4p —  August 5, 2016 — Leave a comment

We got up super early this morning for a sunrise bike ride around the date fields and solar fields of Ketura. We biked to the Jordan border, and saw that in this area, the border is a low fence. Our guide told us that before the kibbutz switched the fruit fields with solar fields, they used to give fruits to the Jordanian soldiers on the other side. The kids had lots of fun and learned a lot even before breakfast!

After breakfast, we headed to Kibbutz Lotan, which is located very close. in Lotan there is an “Eco-village,” where students live sustainably in mud houses. We learned (and felt!) that mud houses are very insulated in hot weather, so they actually stay cool. We got dirty and helped build mud houses ourselves by making mud bricks. The kids started thinking about what it means to live devoted to on lifestyle, and what small things we can do each day to minimize our impact on the environment.

Then, of course there was swim time. After swimming, we did a session where we learned about the specific environmental problems in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We talked about water, sewage, land, and air pollution and together designed solutions for each issue. We discussed how the environment doesn’t know borders  and realized that we are all dependent on each other, so environmental solutions can help solve political issues too. We all are looking for ways to make our environment better.

Later this evening, the group will do group sports outside after dinner. Tomorrow we will read and discuss environmental justice and we will have a session about the environmental problems in our different neighborhoods in Jerusalem and how to design and publicize solutions. We are looking forward!

Check out the Kids4Peace Jerusalem Facebook Page for more pictures!!


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