Jerusalem Roots Camp – Day 3

merk4p —  August 5, 2016 — Leave a comment

Jerusalem Roots Camp had a blast today in water sports in Eilat. All of the kids sat on the boats and had crazy rides in the sea! It was a beautiful day, and everyone had a fun time jumping and swimming in the ocean. Then, we had lunch in the (air conditioned) mall and drove back to Ketura. On our way back, Muhammed and Gayil led a fun activity, where the kids had to divide into pairs and teach each other a sentence from their favorite song in their language. We also had a singing competition – lots of songs on the bus! Each day, a pair of kids work together to prepare a 5-10 minute activity for the whole group. So far, we have been so impressed by everyone’s creativity and responsibility in creating activities together.

Once we got back to Ketura, we did a session about the environment and tradition. We started the session by talking about different inventions and how technology has affected our lives. Then, we got into smaller groups and learned about changes from the past until now in agriculture, cooking, and compost. We learned about our friends’ families by talking about how our grandparents use to cook and farm, compared to today. The kids continue to think about what problems could have environmental solutions, and how we can work together to be mindful of the environment and how we hurt or help it.


After dinner, we continued a conversation about the different neighborhoods we live in Jerusalem and how the differences can affect how we act in the group. We learned from each other’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings, and everyone is curious to continue learning from each other, about each other, and about the environment.

We finished the day, of course, with free time on the playing fields. It was another wonderful day down here in Kibbutz Ketura!

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