Jerusalem Roots Camp – Day 2

merk4p —  August 3, 2016 — Leave a comment

Our second day of Roots Camp began with a tour of Kibbutz Ketura. We talked about the shared lifestyle of the kibbutz and toured the algea factory and solar field. Ketura’s most valuable natural asset is its sunlight, so we learned about solar energy and sustainability. The group worked in pairs to answer as many questions as they could about the kibbutz and the its environment.

Then, we moved inside to start our opening session on the theme of environment, and started to talk about how we affect the environment and how it affects us. The kids started to think about how they use water and other resources, and did a lot of games related to learning about the science of the environment.

We shared about our own neighborhoods in Jerusalem, and what we shared and is different between the different neighborhoods. It was interesting to hear about all the different environments within Jerusalem and how we feel about them.

After the sessions inside, we headed to the sand dunes to do an activity and to make our own dinner. We then star-gazed and went to bed!

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