Zootopia at YES planet

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“No matter what type of animal you are Change Starts With You” Judy Hopps

On April 11 at 5pm at YES Planet in Abu Tor, the 7th graderszootopia-movie-poster-featured watched the movie “Zootopia”.  The theme of the event, taken from a quote from the movie is: “Whatever kind of animal you are, change starts with you.” We began the evening showing the kids the movie that they made about what they want to change about Jerusalem. We were really excited for them to see themselves on the big screen! After the movie we had time for discussion about the themes in the movie related to teamwork, building communities with different types of people/animals, and the use of media in spreading important messages.

After the movie we asked  some of the kids to write us reflections about the movie in their own language:
Yousef, a 13 years old boy reflected in Arabic :
ما أعجبني في الفيلم هي الطريقة التي عمل بها الثعلب والارنب معا لحل لغزاختفاء 14 كائن من الثديات. أحببت كيف ساعدوا بعضهما على الرغم من أن بداية معرفتهما لم تكن جيدة
الفيلم هو بطريقة ما يعكس الواقع الذي نعيش فيه. كان لدى الإثنين فكرة خاطئة عن بعضهما. ولكن في نهاية المطاف الثعلب والأرنب في زوتوبيا وقفوا بجانب بعضهم وساعدوا بعضهم ,وكل واحد منهما انقذ حياة الآخر ليحققو الإستقرار والأمن والسلام في زوتوبيا
اتمنى لو الجميع عدم التعميم والحكم على بعض. بعض الناس يحكمون على الآخرين دون  أن يفهموهم. كان زوتوبيا مكانا للسلام و كان الجميع يعيشون معا بسعادة … اذا توقفنا  عن الحكم والتعميم والبدء في فهم وقبول بعضنا البعض نستطيع جميعا أن نكون أصدقاء وأن نعيش في سلام 

Liat, a 13 years old girl reflected in English :

“I really enjoyed the movie. I feel it reflected theIMG-20160411-WA0031 purpose of kids for peace, there can be peace among everyone. Between all the religions, all the animals and all human beings

My favorite part of the movie was when the bunny didn’t give up and still tried to be a police officer even though no bunny before her was ever a police officer. It was special to me because she showed a lot of courage and did something that no one else has ever did.

The bunny wanted to be a police officer since she was a little kid because she wanted to make the

World a better place. I think it really reflects on kids for peace because we, the children, are coming to this program to help make the future

A better place for all of us.

Because change starts from us!!!️

David, a 13 year old boy reflected in Hebrew:

IMG-20160411-WA0014זותופיה היה סרט טוב, מעניין, מסקרן, ומצחיק. אני חושב שזה היה סרט שמתאים מאוד לקידס פור פיס בגלל שזה מראה שלום, ושלא כל האנשים רעים בעולם. זה לא רק הראה לנו מהם חיות אבל הם הביאו את הסרט כאילו שהחיות שלרוב לא הולכות יחד (כמו ארנב ושואל) יכולות ליהיות חברים.ואותו הדבר עם בני אדם.




This activity in support of the mitigation of conflict and the promotion of non-violence between Palestinians and Israelis was made possible with the generous support of the American people through USAID and being implemented by Kids4Peace via the Peace Builders Forum

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