Jerusalem office welcomes 2015-2016 Development Intern: Risto

merk4p —  November 10, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Risto, K4P Jerusalem Development Intern, 2015-2016

Shalom Salaam each and every one of you!Risto

My name is Risto. I have arrived to Israel from Finland, from an island called Lauttasaari (the ferry island), which is a nice and nature rich small island right next to the center of Helsinki (the capital of Finland). I have had the privilege to live this life for 32 years already, and it seems that despite the happy and challenging times one may encounter, each day is truly a gift!

My educational background is international business, yet within the last several years more integral part of my life has been sharing through volunteer- and peace-work, therapeutic yoga, variety of workshops and courses, as well as assisting people with physical handicaps. Right now I have been given a gift to continue M.A studies in Non-profit management and Leadership, as well as to contribute via internship through Kids4Peace here in Jerusalem. For both of these I am truly grateful.

My hope and aim in life is to support others in moving towards the authenticity of their being, and to facilitate and support more genuine, peaceful, and meaningful future for us to live together in. I believe that peace starts within each of us and expands from there to reach others, and yes, I am definitely far from being perfect. Yet I hope to be able to do my best and grow in this way of living. 🙂

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