Coping together: 100 families gather amidst violence in Jerusalem

merk4p —  October 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

12049264_732343786871686_4015799155279390465_n The evening began a little scattered…at a new location for Kids4Peace youth, the Tantur Ecumenical Center. Amidst the recent violence, finding a location to gather youth from East and West Jerusalem was more difficult than ever.

Youth filed in, greeting one another with long hugs and waving goodbye to parents heading to a parent meeting on the other side of the Tantur campus. 

The first program began in small groups, with each youth answering the question:

I believe that…..

I hope that……

This situation makes me feel…

The youth filled out the sentences anonymously, advisors collected them and saved them for the end of the meeting.12004029_732343773538354_8633906713473796570_n

Youth then participated in a “coping fair” to creatively and personally express the complex emotions everyone struggles with during these difficult days. Stations included Art, Dance, Sports, Challenging Questions, Creative Writing, and Music. The evening finished with small dialogues in small groups, including reflections on the sentences from the beginning of the meeting and setting up systems to support each other more as a community during the coming weeks.


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