Arrivals in NH/VT Camp

merk4p —  August 12, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Selina, Counselor/Social Media Coordinator

8-12-15 (A)The day we’ve all been waiting for! The official start of camp!! Staff preparations finally came to a close around 4:30pm as we all waited eagerly for the American campers to arrive.

They trickled in over the next hour, receiving Kids4Peace T-shirts, water bottles and bags, some eagerly dismissing their parents, others holding on just a little bit. Name games were started and the process of getting to know each other began.

After dinner and a few more games, kids headed up to their floors to prepare the rooms for their Jerusalem roommates. When bedtime rolled around, everything felt a little empty with only half the beds occupied.

A little after midnight, a big yellow school bus, loaded with Jerusalem kids and their Faith Advisors rolled in. Jet lagged and in a new place, the campers headed off to their respective floors, reluctant to fall asleep after so much traveling.

Finding their way around their around the American campers, the Jerusalem kids finally settled down, waiting to see what their first day at camp would bring.

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