Roots Camp – Day 2: Time to Recuperate

merk4p —  August 11, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Leah, K4P Summer Intern

 11232917_702987846473947_8754832709214966157_oDay 2 began bright and early with a morning bike ride. We met at the bikeshed at 6:15, and we were off to ride around the rocky trails near Ketura for about 45 minutes. The campers who did not know how to ride a bike got to ride in the backseat of a pickup truck through the trailers. Everyone was included no matter their skill.

As we rode through the dusty paths, we saw sand dunes, mountains, thousands of date trees, and most interestingly: Jordan. The mountain range across from Ketura is in Jordan. Seeing just a glimpse got the kids excited about tomorrow’s visit to the border. The campers loved getting to start off our day with something so active.

After the ride, the campers headed back to their rooms to recharge and get ready for the rest of the day. We were then off to breakfast.11054416_702988049807260_3594209053802510506_o Since we are switching off prayer days for each religion, today was our Jewish campers’ turn to say prayers before eating.

When breakfast was over, the campers had another break and then we had our morning meeting. We went over the schedule, talked about what the day has in store for us, and what we are most excited for. The kids then left for their second movement session with Shuli.

They had a really good time with her and they seem to be having a very meaningful experience communicating with each other through their body language instead of verbally. It is exciting to see the impact the movement sessions have left on the campers.

After the movement session, we got crafty. All of the campers were divided into teams of two to create a special art project. We mixed sand and water together to make a mold for a concrete-like mixture. The kids had a lot of fun exploring their creative side by carving different shapes into the now muddy sand. It was really fun watching them bounce ideas off of each other so they could make a unique art piece. They really seemed to understand the importance of using teammates when working in a group, and they genuinely enjoyed having a partner to work with.

11879085_702988639807201_660067227713121880_oAfter facecasting, we headed to lunch and then had the afternoon to recuperate after our busy couple days. The campers had the choice of swimming or resting in their rooms. Either way, it was nice to cool off either in the water or in the air conditioning. At 4:30 pm, we left for a session led by the Ketura about what a Kibbutz is.

After we learned about the structure of Kibbutz Ketura, we were split up into three separate groups and each given a controversial Kibbutz scenario. For example, the Kibbutz was running low on water, especially because it is in the desert. Therefore, the campers had to decide alternative ways to use less water. They came up with not planting grass and replacing it with synthetic grass. Then, they presented their ideas to the group, had a group discussion, and voted on whether or not they should replace the grass. The purpose of this exercise was for the campers to understand how a Kibbutz committee meeting is run. After this session, we had dinner.

We went on a walking tour of the Kibbutz Ketura after dinner. On the tour, we got to see and learn about what a home on the Kibbutz looks like, the algae factory, and the solar panel field. The solar panel field was the campers’ favorite part. We got to see robots cleaning the solar panels, how cool! Right after the tour we headed to the highly anticipated Kids4Peace vs. Ketura kids soccer game. Everyone who wanted to play got the chance to. I was so impressed with how well the campers worked together and rooted each other on. Not to mention how great their soccer skills are!

It was a long but fun and relaxing day. We learned so much about Kibbutz Ketura today that the campers were more than content with staying here and experiencing all this place has to offer. Tomorrow, we go to Eilat, and the kids can’t wait to go tubing!

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