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merk4p —  August 5, 2015 — Leave a comment

11039296_10153390728586066_6743036740332181810_n  Can you believe that just one day at camp can hold all of this:

 Sharing our sacred objects and learning from each other why they are important.

 Kosher chocolate chip pancakes!

 Sitting and listening to one another with care and intention.  Learning how to hear someone else’s pain and to heal together.

 Feeling, firsthand, how frustrating injustice can be via a totally unfair (but super fun!) game.

 Getting letters/emails from mom or dad. Remembering how much our loved ones miss us.

 Taking a quick but much needed nap!

 Making friendship bracelets to share with new friends.

 Recreation time!  Soccer, archery, outdoor survival, nature art, or rock climbing!

 Dance and theatre games with Brio Integrated Theatre which helped us find our joy and feel more confident in our own unique selves.

 Laughs and songs over dinner.11217538_10153390728666066_3299872787742701024_n

 Sharing with the entire Camp Merrowvista summer camp community about what it means to be a peacemaker.  We shared our answers to:

 What does friendship have to do with peace?

 Why is it important to be friends with people different from me?

 How is my perspective changing because of Kids4Peace?

That’s the life of a Kids4Peace kid.  Weaving in and out of intentional peacebuilding time and just plain having a ton of fun with friends who you never knew you could be friends with.

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