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shoshanak4p —  July 31, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Ariel (Jewish participant) and Yasser (Christian participant), Jerusalem

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We woke up in the morning in a pleasant mood with many expectations and hopes for the day. We went to eat breakfast that was made by Dorothy. She prepared us some boiled eggs, fresh fruit salad and cereals. After eating a fabulous breakfast, we went to get dressed for the Mt. Bromley Adventure Park and shopping at Target.

Of course, Fr. Nicholas explained the rules and appropriate behavior while at the park. We then got on two buses and headed to the adventure park. When we arrived at the park, we were guided through a tutorial on how to use the obstacles safely. We climbed up the hill to start the activity; each one of the group members found his or her starting route on the ropes course. 

We had a lot of fun, but with the fun comes the need for strength and courage, we did almost all the tracks of every difficulty level; there was a lot of encouragement between the campers. We gained a lot of experience in teamwork.

After a lot of sweating and hard work, we finished the course and ran down the hill to eat bagged lunches that Jack and Christina had made for us in the morning. We finished eating and boarded the bus for Target to go shopping. We arrived at Target and gathered outside of the building to set a meeting time and shopping rules. Almost everyone got what he or she wanted. 11705773_917877374935554_4232441675164510934_o

When we arrived back at Acer Farm, we ate Dorothy’s handmade, lovely lasagna and some fresh salad. After dinner, Sister Heidi Truax called us together to practice our Civil Rights Era social justice skits that we will preform on Sunday at the Brattleboro Common. Overall, we had a lot of fun working together as a team and not leaving anyone behind and overcoming our fears. This was meaningful for the spirit of our group!

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