Increasingly difficult, increasingly fun: Day 7 at Leadership Camp (JPB & K4P)

merk4p —  July 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Zoe, USA participant

11794466_916958458360779_5567753013237627423_oThe experience from the past few days of camp have become increasingly difficult day by day, but with all of this difficulty actually comes great fun. We have discussed some very hard subjects, my favorite being dignity, and in the sessions, when we talk about these things and how they have affected our lives, everyone becomes closer to one another.

We connect through hard and emotional talks, otherwise known as dialogues, sometimes late at night, and we also connect more as friends when we are doing fun activities. The other day when we went canoeing, it was so much fun! Mostly because I bonded with the people I was in the boat with. You see the fun, lighter side of a person in those situations rather that the deeper side. We canoed down river a few miles to a little beach, then splashed and swam in the river. This is by far my favorite thing we have done so far.

11807306_916958625027429_8890027617171776926_oToday we have had a busy day. We first began by talking with a woman named Jeanne, who was a family therapist. She talked with us about how everyone has a story from their past, and when we shared those stories, sometimes they changed a little bit every time we told them. We then acted out our previously written stories about ourselves in small groups. We then had a guest who talked to us about water and the role that it plays is our lives, spiritually and physically. After a few fun water balloon games, the whole group moved into today’s leadership topic of nonviolent communication and its four steps.11794382_916958395027452_4265135434796304529_o

We also had a trainer, who specialized in theater and mediation, come and do a great workshop with us. This was really fun because everyone got to express him or herself and let out all of their energy. Our final guest was an artist who worked with paper as an art form. We cut and pasted different colored pieces of paper to create something beautiful.

To end the long day, we all got to enjoy some tasty ice cream.

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