Half way through Leadership camp already?? (JPB & K4P)

merk4p —  July 27, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Violette, Christian participant, Jerusalem

Today was one of the best days for me at Acer Farm so far. Today’s subject that we had to work on was forgiveness. We heard a lot of stories like the one about Ruby Bridges during the Christian service in the farm’s chapel, and we had a lot of good questions that went straight to the point. After a vegetarian lunch, we went canoeing on the West River. It was so much fun and was my favorite part of the day. All of the meals we have at camp are wonderful. We ended the day with a dialogue about the movie “Heart of Jenin” that explores the concept of forgiveness by the father of a young, unarmed Palestinian boy killed by IDF troops in 2002.

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