Day 3 at Leadership Camp was unforgettable (K4p & JPB)

merk4p —  July 24, 2015 — 1 Comment

by Eyal, Jewish participant, Jerusalem

11218235_914865081903450_3131900374876691632_oWe woke up at 6:30 AM in the morning, so we had some time to talk until breakfast. At 7:30 AM we had a great breakfast: bagels, cereal, yogurt and fruit.

After breakfast, we did some icebreaker activities, to get to know each other better. We then established group norms and rules, so we will be able to communicate with each other without being offensive.

11722151_914864338570191_2656729864667605535_oThen we looked at slides with pictures of different places and incidents in Jerusalem, and we had to write about 3 things:

1. Why are we at this camp?
2. What’s holding us back?
3. What are the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

For lunch we had a delicious home-cooked kosher meal. After we fed our appetites, we worked on our identity, morals and self-leadership skills. Then we went swimming in t  he pond. It was very fun just hanging out in the cool water with everyone after a hot day. We had a great dinner of ziti pasta with mozzarella, garlic bread and cucumber-tomato salad. In the evening, we paired up and made masks. I feel it connected us in a special way. 1782391_914864998570125_2306066087139913255_o
Then we went on a nighttime scavenger hunt. It was intense looking for the clues to find a secret campfire spot, in which we burnt the pieces of paper with the things that hold us back. We also got bracelets with leadership qualities written on them that we will wear throughout camp. One participant said “I will cherish this my whole life!” And now, its time to go to sleep and prepare for another awesome day.

One response to Day 3 at Leadership Camp was unforgettable (K4p & JPB)


    Eyal thank you for sharing with us the activities and your impressions. take care and have fun
    Rami – Nur’s father

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