Day 2 at Leadership Camp has came and went here in Vermont! (K4P & JPB)

merk4p —  July 23, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Lana, Muslim, USA participant

11792054_914311178625507_8077718300748392694_o Another beautiful day in Brattleboro started off with a discussion about the land, and history of Israel and Palestine with maps illustrating the changing countries. Then, it was time for teamwork! We built a bridge together for Acer Farm. It took a lot of patience from everyone but ended up working great.

After all of the focus on working on the bridge, we were thankful for our great lunch. It was then time to go on a nature walk with our bellies full, and it ended up being magnificent and very peaceful. We had a discussion with Bishop Tom Ely about dignity and the role it plays in peacemaking. After the discussion, we watched “A Bottle in the Gaza Sea.” Afterwards, the sun came out, and we all were glad to jump straight into the pond. After another delicious meal, we waited anxiously for the arrival of our Israeli-Palestinian friends!

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