Day 1 at Leadership Camp – USA youth await Jerusalem peace pals (Jerusalem Peace Builders and Kids4Peace)

merk4p —  July 22, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Faizan, Muslim, USA participant

Today, we arrived at the camp. We had time to settle in while the other campers arrived, so I wasn’t really that nervous by the time they arrived, although I was nervous at first. We got acquainted with the advisors and staff at Acer Farm, and played some name games and icebreakers to get to know the other campers better. Then we got a nice tour of the place, and it looked like a fun place. We got some free time before lunch, and then we had lunch and we got to know the other campers and staff better.886038_913785672011391_2177490143100656022_o

Next we took a look at some pictures of Jerusalem to get introduced with the conflict there, and reflected on them, so we could get a sense of why we were here, and what the significance of Jerusalem was. After that we put together a map of Israel and the surrounding Middle East to put these places into perspective. I really liked that activity because it was very interactive and it was really interesting to see where in the world things fit in.


Then we had some more free time and went to the pond for some swimming. The pond was fun and it was nice to relax. Then we came back for dinner, and dinner was really good. Then we watched a movie about the two mothers of a suicide bomber and her victim, and it was a really powerful movie and showed how serious the conflict was.

We had a really deep discussion about it, which really cleared things up for me, and was really cool. That was the end of our great first day, and I’m excited for more things to come!  11754352_913785615344730_8575982182371472292_o

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