Camp Begins! #SummerOfHope2015

merk4p —  July 22, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Leah, Kids4Peace Summer Intern

Last night, North Carolina sixth grade, North Carolina Leap, and Leadership left for the States. We are so excited to start off our fourteenth summer of sending Kids4Peace participants to America! At midnight, sixty five participants left with smiles on their faces, eager to begin their journeys to camp and for what the next nearly three weeks have in store for them. Montaser Amro, the Muslim advisor for Leap proudly reported, “I’ve known these kids for two years, and I’ve never seen them so excited.”

jz0AlOn the way into the airport, the sixth grade bus got pulled over by security. In Kids4Peace, we identify as Jews, Christians, and Muslims, but our countries and the conflict identify us in ways that separate us, sometimes making it difficult for us to fly together.

We are Israeli citizens, Palestinian citizens, Jordanian citizens, refugees, and people without citizenship. Yet, miraculously, we always somehow fly together, despite the differences our society identifies us with.

Rebecca Sullum, Kids4Peace co-director, said after spending the evening at Ben Gurion Airport with the youth, “Airport security thinks that all they’re doing is security, but I know that what they’re really doing is education.”

Luckily, once we got to the airport, all sixty five participants and staff members boarded the plane in one piece. They have landed in Germany and are now on the second leg of their flight to America.

The summer starts at the airport, and just from the participants’ high spirits, we can already tell that the next few weeks will be an incredible experience for us all. We can’t wait to see what this summer will bring Kids4Peace! #SummerOfHope2015

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