6th Grade Iftar at the America House in Jerusalem

merk4p —  July 3, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Leah, Kids4Peace Summer Intern

image9 Last night, members of the 6th grade Kids4Peace community gathered at the America House to observe Ramadan’s traditional break-fast meal, Iftar. Families filed into the America House, each with a dish in hand. An entire room was dedicated solely to the food people brought. Each table was decorated with foods including maklube, a rice dish loaded with chickpeas, spices, chicken, and cauliflower, uzzi, which is rice with green beans and carrots, kedra or yellow rice, Bourekas, dates, grape leaves, and for dessert, Arabic coffee and of course, katayef.

The gathering began with a discussion about Ramadan and the significance of Iftar on this holiday. We learned that the reason for fasting is so that people can empathize with those who are hungry because they do not have the means to buy food for themselves. We also learned about the significance of the crescent moon on Ramadan: the holiday begins when there is a crescent moon in the sky, and it ends when there is a crescent moon either 29 or 30 days later.

After the discussion, we said a prayer, broke the fast with dates, and then enjoyed our meal.image7image1

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