#BreakingBreadTogether: Ramadan Home Hospitality

merk4p —  June 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Nazira & Sami, Parents of Yousef (6th grade) Ramadan2

We were happy and honored to have Alexis, Maytav, Osher and Liav with us over Iftar on Monday, 22 June 2015 in Beit Hannina, Jerusalem. We listened to each other’s stories and experiences, and we discussed parenting and communities, and we certainly had a great time!

I picked up Alexis and the kids from the light train station in Pisgat Zeev. The moment we were all in the car, I felt the harmony & felt so thankful. We gathered around the table 5 minutes before Iftar time. Alexis asked Maytav, Osher and Liav of what they know about Ramadan, their awareness of our holiday had brought joy to our hearts.

We really felt very comfortable around each other, more like we were in our comfort zone. We shared personal stories as if we knew each other for a long time. We felt that they will be for sure part of our lives.

Alexis invited us to her home and we gladly will be in touch for a long strong relationship, inshalla. Maytav played ball with our little son Omar and now Omar asks day and night when he will see Maytav again and “Aunt Alexis” who helped him with the play dough. Omar and Adam played with Osher with the motorcycle & scooters. They were driving all together like a train. Yousef was extremely excited to meet a new Kids4Peace family. Maytav, Osher, Liav, Yousef, Adam, and Omar played the entire time, before and after Iftar. Yousef said that he hopes we all stay in touch and be friends.

We want our kids to live this experience. We want them to respect all and love all. We are all HUMANS… We are all ONE… In order for all to live together in peace, we need to know each other better, respect and love one another. Those are the values we teach our kids. Together peace is possible.

Since we became a Kids4Peace family, we feel inspired again in our hearts, especially after the incidents in the last summer, for a better future for all of us together.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. When we were saying “see you later”, Liav wrote our kids’ names in Arabic on the white board, which was pretty cool & touching! Our kids still talk about it till now. #‎breakingbreadtogether‬

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