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danielleives —  February 27, 2015 — Leave a comment

Laura PicName: Laura Brogan

Position: Board Member

Educational Background:

B.A. in Nonprofit Management from Mount Olive College; M.A. in Ethics, Peace & Global Affairs from American University.

Published in the Journal of International Studies on the topic of child combatants, specifically the long-term effects of conflict on youth who are active participants in the conflict.

Currently working in the DC area in human resources for an international nonprofit.

How did you get involved with Kids4Peace?

“I was looking to volunteer for a great organization. Since my skill set is in organizational development and I wanted to work at the strategic level of an organization, being on a board of directors seemed like the best fit. The Kids4Peace board is a great opportunity to use my professional skills, as well as my education in peacebuilding, to support a great organization I am passionate about.”

What do you most look forward to in working on the board?

“I am most excited about working to ensure that Kids4Peace has healthy and sustainable growth; that the systems and infrastructures exist to support the staff and volunteers in doing the hard work of peacebuilding. The board should ensure that the organization is headed in the right direction and that staff and volunteers have clarity on the mission and the resources and support they need to make it happen!”

“I was in Jerusalem last month and as an outsider I got to experience a little bit of what it is like to live in such a divided society. It was enlightening and helped me become more aware of some of the divisions in my own community; the experience showed me that I can also be an advocate for peace in my own city of Washington, DC.”

What challenges do you expect to encounter?

“Kids4Peace is in a critical time in it’s organizational development and it will be important to clarify what we are good at as an organization, what is our niche. It will be very important to identify where, and in what contexts, Kids4Peace can provide the tools for divided communities to end conflict and inspire hope. This is some of the hard work the board will be tackling in the coming year.”

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