Susan | Vice Chair

danielleives —  February 13, 2015 — Leave a comment

Name: Susan Blochsusan pic

Position: Vice Chair of Kids4Peace International

How did you get involved with Kids4Peace?

My dream was to apply my corporate experience, where global, multicultural, multi-faith and virtual teams form a foundation of organizational performance to Kids4Peace. I applied for the role of board member to fulfill my aspirations and strive to enhance communication and compassion across culture, faith and race.  Having lived in Israel for 20 years has given me insights into the successes, complexities, challenges of living and working in in a society struggling with conflict. Kids4Peace strives to facilitate dialogue and harness understanding of others.

What are the favorite aspects of your job and Kids4Peace?

Kids4Peace team is driven by shared values, and a mission to diffuse conflict and build understanding in multi-faith communities and countries.  The impact we make on individuals and families and how they go about their daily lives is enormous. The diversity of our team is a core strength and enables us to strive to develop the next generation of peacemakers.

What are your goals in your position as Vice Chair of Kids4Peace International?

We aim to grow the organization, reach out to more kids and more families and have a real impact in communities and society as a whole.

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