30 Educators. 7 Dialogue Sessions. 2 Days.

merk4p —  December 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

by Michal, Jewish Advisor

We – the K4P staff, went through a very important learning and growing experience together. We all took part in a weekend dialogue seminar, with the goal of strengthening ourselves amidst the challenges we live in, and getting to know each other a little bit better. A challenging “issue” we deal with as Kids4Peace educators, is that we spend so much time and energy on working with the kids, that we sometimes forget about how important our relationships are with each other. If we cannot model friendship, peace and acceptance to the kids – how can we expect it from them? Realizing this, we took a few days together and traveled to Jaffa.

At the seminar we were honored with the presence and facilitation of Dr. Shafik, not only a well known Palestinian psychologist and group facilitator, but a humble Kids4Peace parent. Shafik helped us look into ourselves, express our own complexities of existing in multiple worlds, and understand more about each others backgrounds, personalities, culture and faiths. He also took the time in the second part of the seminar to talk more about different ways of approaching different challenges of working with youth in conflict.

As a team, we grew so much closer. The bonding activities and dialogues enabled us to know each other in a much deeper way, thanks to the very professional and sensitive facilitation of Dr. Shafik.
This was a wonderful experience and we only look forward to more time together, continuing to learn and grow with and from each other.


“The seminar was inspiring, healing, positive and helpful. Being with all the other staff gave us the opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level by sharing what we were feeling about the situation in Jerusalem. I left feeling positive, grateful, and with a strong belief that we (K4P) will find a way that will lead us through the darkness we have been living with for the past two months.” -Nadine, Christian Advisor

“The timing was especially good because for me it was very important to know the people I’m going to work with this year. We got the chance to meet most of the staff in a way that made us feel as one family. On the personal level it reminded me that I shouldn’t give up hope. Dr. Shafiq was a great facilitator and his quietness spread respect all over, helping us to express our fear and anger in a positive way.” -Samar, Christian Advisor
“This seminar was very important as we had the opportunity to not only get to know the entire team more and more but also to learn from their life experience. The dialogues between us enabled us to see things from different angles and even from the others’ perspectives. The most exciting thing was for me that I had the experience that our youth have in K4P. I got to experience what they experience, how it is to come home with learning and new development personally and in the group.” -Reeham Subhi, Kids4Peace Co-Director of Education

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