LEAPing into friendship and community

merk4p —  October 29, 2014 — Leave a comment

by Lara, Christian Advisor

We started the first program with full attendance as over 50 Leap participants arrived. As it was their first time altogether in one group, we did big one circle and each one introduced their names and religion. Due to the incredible turnout, we divided the kids into 2 groups who did the same activities separately.

As the first meeting of the year, we decided that games to help the kids get to know each other would be the best. The first activity was that each one must say his/her name with his/her favourite food or with a dance. The second activity was played through the string, each one must say his/her own expectation from k4p for this year and throwing the string to another person and saying his/her name. The third game was a balloon game. Each one had to write one word that he/she expects to achieve in this year and put it inside the balloon, then they mix all the balloons and each one must take a balloon and read it out loud what’s written inside the balloon he took in the circle. Then for the end, each one got small piece of wood, they wrote their names on it and helped each other write in English, Arabic, and Hebrew.

The games were a tool to help the kids in remembering each other’s names and knowing more about each other and their goals for this year. In the third game many kids shared the same expectation like peace, friendship, love and being together as one family.

After the meeting we did a small staff meeting where we discussed how the meeting was for each one, and how did we see ourselves through the meeting. The kids were rambunctious but they interacted well and participated in the games. We realized that with such a large number of kids, it would be preferable in the future to do activities in smaller groups. Additionally we need to emphasize for the kids the importance of listening to other and respecting the person who speaks. We think the kids continued because they were happy with their experience during the first year program and there was something that touched them that made them continue with Kids4Peace.

For the next event, we asked to bring a small gift and think of what does friendship means to them. They will present the gift and thought to a new friend that they will make at the Friendship Seminar in just a few weeks.


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