Content, Sound, and Show in Jerusalem

merk4p —  October 27, 2014 — Leave a comment

by Nadine, Christian advisor, Jerusalem

The first meeting of the new Video Newsletter program with Kids4Peace Jerusalem’s Young Adults went amazing. The youth were so happy to see each other. The program dealt with the psychology behind the three elements of communication in a performance: content, sound (voice) and show (body language). We analyzed each separately, understanding the concept through a game or exercise and then discussed how it might be implemented in their videos. Then, we had two participants “present” to the group and then analyzed their performance through the elements we had learned. Finally, our guest speaker Myra shared with us her amazing experience when she had to do a video of her sister. The kids started to look at the video from a professional side. They paid attention to the camera’s angle, lighting, body language of the presenter, sound, and content. In this way, they implemented what they learnt in the first part of the meeting. They left with very positive feeling about the program and they were all looking forward for the next meeting.

Some of the youth’s reactions:

“Most of our communication is through body language, so we have to use the right body posture in order to give out the intended information.” -Carla

“Voice can change the meaning of a sentence. Putting the emphasis on different words can change the whole meaning.” -George

“When you work hard on a piece of art, and you invest a lot of effort, you automatically become related to it.” -Adan


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