Jerusalem youth from Boston Camp celebrate learning

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I think being in K4P shows that just because we have different identities doesn’t mean we can’t be and live together and have lots of fun. And it is important to prove that to other people so they see that it is possible and actually not difficult at all! –Elianna

To be in K4P is a great opportunity to meet new people from all countries and nations and it’s a way to start peace and also end war and is special for me that I am in K4P that I get a chance to express my thoughts, feelings and myself and also to not use violence or curse people. I want to get from K4P to is peace and no violence. – Lutfi

It means to me that I can make a peace around the world. I am going to bring home the no ort rule. That will help bring peace because less people will waste food and the world will be a better place. – Mahmoud

What I will take from MV to home is the feeling that no matter which religion you are that everyone is equal, no matter how you look or what is your height. To do a friendship bracelet for a Muslim girl, talk and laugh with her while at home people fight and die. To watch a Sunday service of a Muslim prayer, ask questions and learn. – Ayala

To be a peacemaker is to hold our hands together, and to help each other not killing each other, to treat each other as humans. Peace making is when you share your love of the difference between religion, ethnicity, race for the world and try to make them similar so that they would join in their love. Being part of Kids4Peace is something I am very grateful for, thinking that I could be part of something big in the future and make a difference what would affect the whole world. I am going to take every little memory of the fun, amazing camp and all the things that I learned that would help me be a peace maker I would always keep all these things in my heart to remember – Salma

I will take home all of the things I’ve learned over the past 10 days, all of the memories, and friendships I have made here. I come to Kids4Peace because the life better and more peace. And who make this peace is us. Then they will call us peace maker. What I will take from K4P back home is the feeling that everyone is equal, no matter how you look or which religion you come from. I came to Kids4Peace to try and understand the difference viewpoints that each kid has. Some people don’t understand that someone with a different opinion then you can be right without making you wrong and also to teach people that you won’t be able to make peace with others unless you can make peace with yourself. When I say make peace with yourself I mean if you are constantly putting yourself down because of the way you look, act, or how you feel, it will hurt to be yourself, and if you can’t who you are, how can you help others know the real them? –Elianna

Being a peacemaker at K4P means to me that I can make a difference, that we kids can change the world and one little movement can make a huge difference. I want to bring home my peacemaking skills because if you can’t be/make/have peace in your own home, you can’t be peaceful/a peacemaker in the world. – Thea

It means to be a part of K4P is amazing and an awesome opportunity because we learn other people’s religions and difference beliefs getting along. – Abdul

Peace maker means to me beautiful life, a lot of fun and happiness! – Bashar

To be part of Kids4Peace means being the start of something big, the start of a real change. But being part of Kids4Peace also means that you are willing to fight, peacefully, for the things you need to start the change. I believe that Kids4Peace is one of the many sparks that will hopefully, in time, become a peaceful fire that spreads like in the song. What I want to take home from Kids4Peace is the hope that peace is coming and some ways that our hop can become a reality. – Nellie

To be a peace-maker, for me, is to solve my problems and arguments without force or violence (verbal or physical) and with no judgment and a positive attitude and to pass this idea on to others. What I want to take from Kids4Peace is the ability to see other perspectives and viewpoints. I learned how to connect with others that are different from me and how to accept these differences. – Becca

Being a part of K4P means to me that we are going to come here to make friends outside of our respective bubbles and take that out to the world. We also take the lessons we learned on into the world. Not only will I remember the people I met in K4P but also the people at Merrowvista. These people all have something I don’t so I will learn from them and take it with me so that I can become a better person. – Buyya

K4P means to be peaceful and a peacemaker, but sometimes it feels like to me separating because you always separate us into groups. The same groups every time, and I don’t get the chance to meet more people! But when I told them about it, it got much better. I want to take the love, dancing, singing and doing activities together to Jerusalem. And I want to bring the fun and the talking from Jerusalem. –Mira

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