Leadership 2: “Acting and Growing”

merk4p —  August 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

by Nicole, American Participant

At the beginning of the week, a Shakespeare acting group came to lead a theatre workshop here at camp. We start off everyday with stretching and warming up our voices. We did some clown acting, using the “hmm…ohh…aha…voila..whoops” strategy. We also learned about a shape-shifting circle which is when one person makes a shape in the center and somebody adds their body to create a new shape. After this, the first person fades away, a new person adds his/her shape, and the process starts again.

One thing that I enjoyed, although everything was enjoyable, was the sound-motion circle. It consisted of one person making a sound and motion and then everyone would go around the circle and make the same sound and motion until it got back to the original person. The next person would go after. We did a bunch of different activities, as well, including the before/middle/after tableaux and some other fun games.

I enjoyed this two-hour sessions everyday because it gives everyone a chance to stand up and move around, instead of sit and listen, like we do in dialogues. Every day, we are excited to play zing pow, which is a fast-paced game that uses different sounds, motions, and all of our energy.

I think it is important for us to act with this Shakespeare group because it is a means of expression. We can share our opinions on certain topics through motion and sound, not just talking.



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