Roots Camp serves as turning point for youth

merk4p —  August 20, 2014 — 2 Comments
As part of the theme, “My Land, Your Land, Whose Responsibility”, Roots camp focuses on issues of identity and responsibility. This project shows just one example of how the process works
Each kid made two individual watercolor paintings depicting 1.) who they were when they began K4P, and 2.) who they are now (including their hopes for where they are going on their journey with peace). Each youth then presented both pieces, all of which will hang in the camp activity room for the duration of the program.
The discussion showed how far the youth have come from the beginning of their participation with K4P as they finish their third year in the 6-year program. Many spoke of how they need to work at peace, one youth even painted a battery with a peace sign, with connecting wires of both the Israeli and Palestinian colors, noted that we need to constantly re-charge our selves and engage in the work with renewed energy. Peace will not just come – we need to work at it. This sentiment was echoed by the participants and noted as a key learning in their participation with K4P. Many youth, through their paintings, referenced how things are less black and white for them now, how things have become “messier,” but that with this comes more understanding of the other and a desire to be more open.
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2 responses to Roots Camp serves as turning point for youth

    Tom & Sue Nicholson August 30, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    To all who are peacemakers,

    I am planning to present two programs on the Mid-east based on my visit to the West Bank in May/June 2014. I would like to take up a donation for Kids4Peace. Do you have any materials that you could provide? Peace, Sue Nicholson

    Sue Nicholson

    Bath, NC

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