Roots Camp Day 2

merk4p —  August 20, 2014 — Leave a comment

by Maggie, K4P Jerusalem Intern

Movement session:
By focusing consciously on our bodies and movements we gained an understanding of our physical reactions to things as well as our control over our bodies. This was furthered by partner work where we learned that if we are aware of our own selves we can bring that awareness to the task and compete it with less energy and in less time. This was a fun and interactive session where the youth experienced something new and interesting.
Group project:
This group will become leaders next year within K4P and in preparation for this we have focused this camp on exploring the growth and development of the youth through out their time in K4P. Now we are looking forward to the next phase and hope to take all that we have learned and aspire to and integrate that in our work. With that in mind the youth are making individual masks of their faces. This mask will come to represent “The Best That They Can Be” Today we began the discussion and soon you will see the progress that we have made …
We watched a movie outside under the stars with popcorn. A beautiful way to end a great day. The movie: “Skyhigh” – a story of one boy’s journey through acquiring superpowers and using them with and in order to protect others.

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