A weekend with New Hampshire/Vermont

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by Nancy, NH/VT Art Teacher

As we awaken to a new day, we are flooded with mixed emotions, knowing it is our last day.  

That was in the back of our minds yesterday as we played “Touch the person who…..”  Every camper and staff member sat or laid upon the grass under a gorgeous blue sky and tall trees.  Our facilitator Cata tapped the shoulders of a few people who opened their eyes and stood up.  They had several assignments to touch the person who made them laugh, or inspired them. who had helped them, etc.  After a few rounds, they were asked to join the silent circle with closed eyes and another set of people were tapped to stand and and do other rounds of “touch the person who….”  With 36 kids and all the staff and counselors, the time was limited but evereyone had a turn to stand.  At the end of the game, we opened our eyes and reflected on our feelings.  There were mixed emotions of frustration that “we didn’t have enough time to touch all those we wanted to” and that we really felt happy, surprised, “warm and fuzzy”, and “near to tears”.  Someone said this game connected us even more.

On Friday, we attended services at the Manchester mosque followed by attendance at a Shabbat service at the Concord synagogue with dinner and an overnight there.  Saturday we had breakfast after a short service, lunch in the nearby park (carrying all the food along the street…quite a sight), games and Abraham’s Tent play practice on the grass, dinner back at the temple and return to camp after sunset for a campfire on our last night.

Today, Sunday, is a Christian sharing, followed by dialog time, packing, lunch and swim before a short rehearsal while American parents and special guests arrive for the celebration of Abraham’s Tent.  That performance will start with the kids entering in a parade of posters, kazoos, plaster gauze masks and song; then groups of mixed faiths will present skits about the three faiths.  Followed by the bar-b-que supper, the Americans will depart after saying goodbye to the dear friends they’ve made, adult staff, teen counselors and all the campers.
This has been a week of fun, friendship, hugs, games, long talks, and challenges that were solved with peace-making skills.  The staff and kids are AMAZING!  Our time together has changed us all, and deepened our commitment to making this a more caring and peaceful world.

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