New Hampshire/Vermont Gets Serious about Peace and Trust

merk4p —  August 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

by Michal, Jewish advisor from Jerusalem

Wow, it’s been a wonderful week and it’s not even over yet. So this is what happened so far:

Monday — So we finally started our camp schedule. We had K4P dialogue, Mask making with Nancy, Archery, and….. we started working on Abraham’s tent!  Since then the kids have been working really hard on their skits, while learning about each others religions. 
unnamed-1 unnamed-5
On Tuesday the theme of peace dialogue was FIND INNER PEACE. We discussed peace, truthfulness and trust. We ha  d a lot of trust building activities, such as trust falls and guiding a partner who is blindfolded. At night we had a talent show. Very successful! We saw a lot of amazing talents, including the staff. 
Wednesday, we had a really really really rainy day! We were inside most of the day, and spent a lot of time working on Abraham’s tent, and having peace dialogue. In peace dialogue today we talked about resolving conflicts and even resolved one of our one within the group!
unnamed-3 unnamed-7
Today (Thursday) we will have a dress rehearsal for Abraham’s tent. And then Friday we will be off to Concord, stopping at the mosque in Manchester on the way for the Friday prayers. Can’t wait!

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