Learning to Be Better Listeners

merk4p —  August 12, 2014 — Leave a comment
by Jordan, Director of K4P Seattle
In today’s dialogue session, Seattle campers learned to be better listeners. First, they went outside and found a place that seemed to be quiet. Dialogue facilitator Pam then asked them to close their eyes for two full minutes and listen for as many different sounds as they could hear. Amazingly, an area that had seemed to be totally silent actually contained a multitude of sounds. Kids heard everything from crickets to a sprinkler to a car on a distant road to the breeze.
Later, the group did a series of exercises with a partner, in which one partner said, “Listen to me” while the other partner ignored them by walking away, walking past, or avoiding eye contact. Finally, the first partner said, “Listen to me” while looking directly at the other partner’s eyes.
Through these activities, kids learned that they actually have the power to control their listening, to focus in on hearing important things, and to express empathy through their listening. We encourage you to try these exercises at home!

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