New Hampshire/Vermont Kids are Expert Problem Solvers

merk4p —  August 10, 2014 — Leave a comment
by Nancy, Art teacher for K4P NH/VT
Campers created “Treasure Boxes” to hold small, tangible memories of their experience. The covers were decorated with drawings, dried leaves, driftwood, and stones from Lake Champlain that are 3,000,000 years old, all honoring the earth we share.  Some K4P counselors said that they still have their boxes from the time that they were campers in Vermont!
The kids are treasures in themselves, sharing wisdom as they see the connection between the Word of the Day to the active games they play that raise the same issue, such as “Practice Non-Violence”.   They discovered that the game of “Human Knot” needed different perspectives to solve the dilemma of straightening out the ‘knot’ and that, as one camper realized, ‘ the goal is different than the purpose”. Also, sometimes the “Observers” didn’t really grasp the situation.   In “Cross Over The Line”, two teams were both given the same simple instruction: “Get the other people to cross to your side.”  Bribery, trickery, and pulling did not work.  Finally a small group talked across the line and realized that they both had the same assignment!  The game ended (so they could go swimming!) when both groups crossed over the rope, peacefully walking to the other side. We heard that it took adults 3 days to reach the same conclusion for resolving the game (Cross the Line)….another example of Kids4Peace creative problem-solving!
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