Leadership 1 and the Yares Brothers have a reunion

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After Breakfast, noted educator, the Rev. Stephanie Green, led a interactive workshop on the sacredness and centrality of water in our lives and cultures. She lives in New Haven. 

There were a number of guests at lunch including Debbie and Court who are to lead an interactive workshop series on mediation and communication. Debbie is a local professor in Vermont and Court is an actor. We loved it. Leadership training with Jack and Reeham followed.

Dorothy cooks great food and Nicholas continues to whoop Hassan in backgammon.

After dinner the counselors had their own facilitated dialogue, and Victoria led an interactive workshop on what does peace look like. It uses poems, and art and speaches and Scripture to inspire a vision of peace in each of us. She lives in London and NYC.

Later, around a bonfire, Ami and Gabri Yares gave a concert. We sang songs in Hebrew, Arabic and English. They are really good. Some of our Jewish friends were fasting for Tisha B’av and missed the concert.


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