Day 3 – All in one day!

qgitest —  August 7, 2014 — Leave a comment
3 days under our belt and we have officially settled into camp.  Our theme for the day was balance, and today we represented that well. Friendships were made, stories were shared, and fun was had by all.  It was the perfect mix of playing and connecting.After a delicious french toast breakfast the group came together to participate in an activity called ZOOM. This activity focused on perspectives. It led to some really interesting conversations about why people have different perspectives. We looked at how those different perspectives can cause harm if not talked about or fully understood, and we thought about ways in which people can better respect other people’s perspective. It was so cool to hear the wisdom these 12 year olds have. They have a very impressive perspective on perspective.Next on the agenda was interest group time (during this time everyone signs up for an activity in which they want to go to everyday)! We played kickball and basketball, made bracelets, painted pictures, and explored the pond on boats and surf boards. They had a great time getting to experience camp’s programs. Another nice piece of this time is that they were in the programs with the other (non Kids4Peace) campers. Who doesn’t love making even more new friends!?

We were then, before we knew it, back in the dining hall for lunch! During lunch something very special happened… we participated in our very first song challenge!!! What is a song challenge you might ask? Great question. A song challenge is when one group, challenges anothergroup to sing and dance for them in front of the whole dining hall. This is done by banging on the table and chanting “SING US A SONG -insert cabin you are challenging here – SING US A SONG!” Lots of cabins try to win a song challenge but only the loudest and proudest wins… we won! We were graced with a beautiful performance of a song called, “Hey Hey Bo Diddly Bop.” Yep, that’s actually the name of the song. We sung along too!

After some post lunch rest, we had more activity time. Half of the group went to play soccer and half did some outdoor cooking. The cooking group baked apples with brown sugar and some other ingredient over a fire. It was DELICIOUS!  Everyone then went down to the waterfront to do some swimming and boating. In addition to spending time on and in the water, there were also some great non-aquatic moments. During the in between times the kids had lots of conversations teaching each other their own languages. It was awesome to see their interest in both the teaching and learning. Definitely something the world could use more of.Dinner tonight was a 50′s themed dinner where everyone dressed and acted like we were in the 1950′s. There were lots of blue jeans, tucked in white t-shirst, and bandana’s in hair.  We also got to eat with some great 50′s music in the background. It’s good we had a big dinner, because we needed to build up the energy for what was coming next… a huge game of capture the flag. We split up into two teams (the panthers vs. the unicorns) and had a FANTASTIC game.  After the game we took a few moments to cool down and then in silence, headed into the woods for our first campfire. At campfire we sang songs, told a few stories, and reflected on our first few days together. It was a powerful way to end the day, sitting all together watching and listening to the crackling fire.Can you believe all of this happened just today!?! Can you believe that we have already competed three full days of camp!?!  Can you believe that in those three days a group of 25 kids from so many different background and traditions have come together to form a strong, loving community? Believe it. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures!



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