Leadership Camp: First Weekend Together

merk4p —  August 3, 2014 — 2 Comments

by Adan, 15

“Today was the first entire day with the Jerusalem and American kids. Everyone woke up really early to have breakfast. We started getting to know everyone from the activities the counselors did. They were ice breakers where we learned each other’s names by playing fun games like ‘name whip’.

We also put in place a few rules and norms that we all agreed to follow in this camp. We had the chance to use them in a small dialogue on the conflict, we couldn’t really talk about the subject in depth yet. Most of us didn’t know how and what to talk about but towards the end we started getting an idea of what the issue was.

Right after that, we spent a while listening to Imam Sami speak to us a about Islam and how to understand it. We took a little lunch break, then all the Muslim kids and I did a demonstration of the Friday prayer.

At dinner, Rabbi Jim Prosnit led the Shabbat prayer. After that, the news of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict sparked a few arguments between us and turned the mood. However, that didn’t stop us from having a nice time, sharing stories of experiences we had in Jerusalem and what it meant to us.

Over all today was a great day, getting to know everyone a lot more and doing many fun activites.”

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2 responses to Leadership Camp: First Weekend Together


    So good to hear from you!!!
    Many kisses and hugs to everyone!


    I miss those times 🙂 have fun everyone

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