Day 1 – New Friends and Duck Boats!

qgitest —  August 3, 2014 — Leave a comment

The day has finally come… Kids4Peace Boston Summer Camp at Merrowvista 2014, is underway!!!  Our home base for the day was The Society of Saint John the Evangelist Monastery in Cambridge, MA.  From there we went for a beautiful walk along the Charles River, had a Duck Tour around Boston (thank you Sergeant Meatball: our Duck Boat driver/tour guide), ate some delicious home cooked meals, and started forging our amazing camp community.  It was inspiring to see this group come together.  From our first circle-up in the morning, which consisted of awesome ice breakers, to saying sweet dreams to each other at night, our 25 campers and all of our staff really got to know/respect/and have fun with one another.

After our full day in Boston we loaded onto a bus and a few hours, riddles, and jokes later, we found ourselves in NH at Camp Merrowvista. It’s hard to imagine how many amazing moments we will be experiencing over the next ten days. It’s going to be AWESOME!!!
Much more to come, so check back soon so we can fill you in on what we’re up to and you can be part of this amazing camp experience.

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