Leadership Day 1: Americans youth await their Israeli and Palestinian friends

merk4p —  July 31, 2014 — 1 Comment

by Elizabeth, age 15

Today, we arrived at camp in Brattleboro, Vermont. The five of us, three Christians, and two Jews, spent our day getting to know each other and recieving a quick crash-course on the Israel-Palestine Conflict. When we arrived we were immediately welcomed into Nicholas and Dorothy’s beautiful home and given time to settle in. After a quick tour and some name games we got right into learning about the geography of the Middle East and some basic facts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Then we took a nice swim, however, very chilly and enjoyed playing games like lacrosse and frisbee and figuring out the tricks to solving a rubix cube. For dinner we ate do-it-yourself pizza, which was fantastic, thanks to Dorothy. As the night wore on, we had laughs while playing scrabble and around the fire.


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    K4P (Kids4Peace) is working in the very midst of war to bring peace to the Middle East. Pray for and support this noble effort. My granddaughter participated and has maintained her relationship with her Palestinian “Peace Pal.”

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