A visit to Hand in Hand School – Jerusalem

merk4p —  June 16, 2014 — 2 Comments

by Mariam Naser

I had never heard about Hand in Hand schools before meeting Bashar, one of the 6th graders in our Boston group this year. He mentioned that he really likes his school because it “changed my mind about others and gave me the confidence to deal with others.” This got me curious to know more so I suggested that we visit the school as a staff. Today, the Boston staff and co-directors Rebecca and Mohammad had the opportunity to tour the school. Our tour guides, Noa and Angie, told us about the school and all of the complications of having two teachers speaking different languages and how to handle managing the different religious and national holidays. We also visited some other Kids4Peace youth that learn there and heard from them what it is like to learn in a bilingual school, with some saying that it feels similar to Kids4Peace while others saying it is very different.
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2 responses to A visit to Hand in Hand School – Jerusalem


    Where is the school? How is it the same or different from K4P? Interesting!


      Hand in Hand is a network of bilingual schools in Israel, where Jews and Arabs study together every day (http://www.handinhandk12.org/). Kids4Peace works after school, and our participants include Palestinians living in the West Bank as well as youth from all across Jerusalem, who (unlike students at Hand in Hand) don’t get the chance to meet the “other” side in their everyday life.

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