Truth in creativity.

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Ami Yares is an American based in Jaffa Israel. Using music and words as a mean to negotiate identity and work with youth; Ami met our leadership program in June. Seeing the act of creation and performance as “an exclamation of the present, something new and always reborn in performance.” Our leadership program meets a variety of people who all bring their own way of working with and through conflict. Today they tried something totally different and new and the results were just as impressive. The youth through the facilitation were able to speak through their hopes and fear in an honest and truthful way.

Sometimes when we are asked directly we do not have the words, we fear being vulnerable but when using an artistic mode of speech there is a freedom and an opportunity to say things, to express ourselves within the safety of creative expression.

Here at K4P we appreciate that peace comes in many forms – and looks very different to each individual and to each group. We are not interested in streamlining peace here what we are interested in is honouring each other’s individual and collective narratives and developing a future inclusive to all needs – recognising that such a future comes from the honest and creative energy of youth.

Please find links to Ami’s work here.

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