The Change Starts With Us

maggie504 —  April 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

Staff Training – 10th April


Here at Kids4Peace Jerusalem we are constantly working on growing and strengthening our community. If we wish to inspire the youth of this region to grow together and challenge the polarized narrative trends then first we must challenge ourselves.

On the 10th of April staff from K4P Jerusalem participated in a two part training session. First we were taken on a tour ofSheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem, 2 kilometres north of the Old City, on the road to Mount Scopus. Led by co director Mohammad Joulany. The area has a rich and fractured history and as a community of people with diverse and complex truth we worked our way through the history and the narratives both past and present and arrived at a space of greater understanding and appreciation for the base from which we work as an organisation.

The second part of the training took many if not all out of their comfort zone. Slam Poetry. We were treated to the skill and precision of an American Jewish poet and activist Mourie whose Arabic was on point to the joy of participants. The staff were to write their worst poem, then to write a poem with contradictions and unfamiliar pairings. To read out, to perform, to be vulnerable. The closing of the workshop had staff pair off and look into each other’s eyes, direct communication was forbidden as Mourie led us through the minutes with contemplative questions and extreme humanity.

Kids4Peace Jerusalem hopes to continue to challenge and empower our staff through similar trainings in order to grow and strengthen our community. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Image

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