Jerusalem Parents Share Hopes for their Youth

merk4p —  April 8, 2014 — Leave a comment

Adnan and Noa are co-coordinators for the Jerusalem First Year Group traveling this year to the New Hampshire/Vermont camp! They asked the parents in their group to share hopes for their youth as they embark on the Kids4Peace journey. 

Peter believes that education for peace is a way of life and we have to start early. “We should plant the seeds. Peace programs are usually a failure because they have a hidden agenda behind them. However, K4P has a good base. Everything is clear and there are no hidden agendas. Besides, K4P has a follow-up program. The alternative is oblique. We should have more of such a program. We need more voices of peace to come back.

Sonia wants to join K4P as “Mothers for Peace”. She wants a similar program for mothers even if she has to pay travel expenses herself. She wants to learn bout traditions other people, other religions, do shopping and make Tabbulah.

Karine:  “I want my son Andre to meet other people. I have a son in Leap and my elder son encouraged my younger son to join Kids4Peace.”

Wafa: “My daughter Khadijah is a special kid and loves challenges. I want her to try new things. She has never been in such a program. The others are human beings whom she wants to get to know.”

Eilon’s daughter is Ellah. He doesn’t interact with other religions on a daily basis and feels this is a chance for him to do it. “We have to live in peace with others on the basic level. K4P is such that promotes peace. We have to start right from the bottom.”

Francis’ daughter told him that she had joined Kids4Peace because of the travel to the USA. After the first meeting with the other kids, she told him that she had so much fun with the other kids that she wants to stay with them even if she doesn’t travel to the USA. “It is good to see the other side of people.”

Fayez: “My daughter’s expectation is to explore cultures, mindsets and friendship. I am supportive of such programs.”

Zahava, Liav’s mother, is Algerian. She loves the songs of Fairouz. She is part of “Women of the Wall” movement and wants to fight racism and is supportive of women’s rights.


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