Old City Treasure Hunt Inspires Boston Group Name Change: Kids4Pizza!

merk4p —  March 31, 2014 — Leave a comment

On Monday the 31st of March, Kids4Peace Jerusalem’s Boston Group had its fourth session with the youth and their parents, titled “Mapping our Identities and our City, Jerusalem”. The group split into small groups; each group with an advisor and the parents went with the coordinator. While the kids had about an hour to accomplish special missions given to them by their advisors, the parents took each other to their favorite spots throughout the city sharing personal stories and memories.

Treasure Hunt!  The youth interviewed passersby in the Old City with the following questions and received interesting answers!:

-Where are the people in the streets from? (The kids stopped by several people at the entrance of Jaffa Gate and talked to them and asked where they came from, and got various answers, mostly international tourists were around. Some of the kids were at the beginning shy and hesitated to talk to “strangers” but with the assistant and encouragement of the advisors they moved on and started jumping here and there between people and talk to them in order to get answers for this question, other kids were brave from the beginning and excited and talked to people fluently.)

What is the thing they like the most about Jerusalem? (Each kids has her/his own memories about Jerusalem and favorite spot, each kids said a sentence or two describing the thing they like the most about the Old City.)

-What are the stores selling?  (
Here; the kids were asked to have a look around the place and notice what the stores are selling. Some of the kids decided to talk to the owners of those stores, employees, and customers)

What is the most popular item in this store? (This question is related to the previous one; where the kids had to pick one store and notice the most popular item this store sells, some of the kids just had a look from outside the stores, other got in and talked to the employees and asked them.)

-What is the closest way to get to the Western Wall, to the Dome of the Rock and to the Holy Sepulcher?(For this part of the mission the group decided to go to the big map in front of the tourist information center and pointed on the map the closet way to get to the above places and named roads to get there. Then the advisors gave the kids different maps of Jerusalem and the Old City.)

-Find an inscription in Arabic or Hebrew, what does it say? (For the last section of the mission the kids had a fast to choose an inscription and tell what it says in the three languages; English, Arabic and Hebrew.)

The mission was ended by letting the kids express their feeling about this treasure and what experience did they gained, then all the kids were given reward certificates with their names on them in the three languages. 

All groups (including the parents!) met at Christ Church where we had a magical feast in the hidden quiet of their garden. The kids renamed us as Kids4pizza!


unnamedunnamed-2 unnamed-1
Next session is Monday May 12…after  a full month of Pesach, Easter, vacation. Basher’s family will host and we will gather in his yard, food will be prepared by all, and we will walk around Basher’ Tantur neighborhood as our first child of the group will ‘map” together with the group his home, neighborhood, surroundings. There is a very warm and open feeling in the group and from now one we will be meeting in the familys homes….as we cross boundaries meeting each other in our homes in Jerusalem. True mapping.

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