Jerusalem Youth Volunteer at Hadassah Hospital during Health Strike

rebeccasullum —  February 18, 2014 — Leave a comment
Amid rising political tension accompanying a trying peace process and the most comprehensive health care strike in decades, Israeli and Palestinian youth from the Kids4Peace youth movement push it all aside and roll up their sleeves. Counselors-in-training in the local youth movement, Kids4Peace, took a break from their regular programming and training to visit the sick. An important part of the religions of all participating youth, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim participants spent an evening cheering up the youth in the pediatric ward at Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus. “It is important to us not only to make a difference within our own program participants, but to practice the values we teach on the broader Jerusalem community,” explained Kids4Peace co-director Mohammad Joulany. “The hospital is one place where Israeli and Palestinian, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim kids are coexisting but for the worst reasons. We hope that our partnership with the hospital will not only bring cheer to the kids, but assist in the inter cultural interactions and provide a safe space for the children to play and get healthy together.”


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