2014 Jerusalem campers chosen!

merk4p —  January 22, 2014 — Leave a comment

We are so impressed and overwhelmed with the level of applicants for this year’s first year program. Thank you to the Steering Committee members, volunteers, alumni, staff, and parents for making this process possible!

“Not only are there over 100 applicants this year, but the youth are bright, well spoken, and motivated to learn about the other,” said co-Director Mohammad Joulany. “We know that the selection process will be especially difficult this year.”

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim 6th graders from all over Jerusalem and the West Bank are arriving at the Kids4Peace offices over the next few weeks for interviews and group workshops.

Waiting for Interview Muslim Family Family Interview

Interviews have begun and the kids already have a lot to say.
Here are some quotes that stood out to us throughout the process:

“I believe Kids4Peace is very important because I never even met a Jew before. How can I hate them if I don’t even know them? Maybe I will see that we are the same, maybe not, but I don’t know.” -An 11 year old Muslim girl from East Jerusalem

“I’m learning Arabic in school but I’m not learning about Arabs. I think it is important to speak each others languages in order to get to know each other.” -A 12 year old Jewish boy from Central Jerusalem

“I want to make peace and know that there isn’t peace because the Israelis came and took our country. I don’t know them and think maybe some of them are nice. I want to learn why they are here.” -A 12 year old Christian girl from East Jerusalem

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