New Kids4Peace staff member, Ala Naser-Eldin, reflects on his experience Creating Change

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malta group photo

Two K4P youth, and 3 staff, Najla, Ala and Rebecca attended a week long EU funded seminar on the topic of CreatingChange; Youth Leadership. They did a excellent job in representing the work that we are doing in Kids4Peace. Check out more about the Creating Change conference here!  Here is Ala’s reflection on the program. 

Good Evening, back to reality after a great journey altogether.
This trip brought a lot of new ideas and adventures that I had never experienced. Being with different people  from different mentalities and backgrounds all day long for seven days talking, working and playing was very interesting to me. We listened to experiences from the Arab Springs in Tunis, Libya and Egypt. We learned about Shabka and how to maintain a very nice website blog.
The program had its challenges too. At first I felt too new to represent Kids4Peace. However, I learned a lot from Rebecca and soon it felt that all of the people combined into one team, being friends as if we used to be friends since ever. This feeling and experience can be very successful to bring new ideas to K4P and networking with these people for any possible joint program or even fund sources.
It was great being in Malta, learning about its history, and being with people from different countries learning about their own experiences. We learned about the Universal Peace Federation and how they work towards PEACE and how they link all religions together for one benefit -Peace-. We also learned that change is possible looking at people’s own experience and how a story can have different point of views. Angelina for example living in Finland originally from Sudan explained to us how South Sudan is way better now than it was before as one Sudan country and how now they are achieving their horizon. The  games we played, like building villages and bringing new houses from different villages to each other, enabled us to see how  citizens reflect and accept the new people. This was very deep and meaningful and rich of thoughts.
Of course a lot of the good and peaceful spirit is brought with us from this program, however the management in any organization do not acknowledge the intangible benefits as much as the  ones that can be touched. New games and ideas we did in this program were really relevant and can be applied to  K4P (with some adjustments). I believe this program will bring more interest to K4P as now it is in the stage of spreading around the world and the people are attracted to the idea and we have links and networks now around Europe.
Finally I would like to thank all the people who played any role in bringing this program into reality. Thank you all for this great opportunity, for the hard work, for everything you did for us to have this successful program. And a special thanks for you Rebecca for the non-stop working you did.
Best regards,
Ala Naser-Eldin

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