Leap4Peace 2013-2014 Reaches Record-Breaking Numbers

merk4p —  October 15, 2013 — Leave a comment

Returning First Year Participants from Boston, Atlanta, and Ketura (Local) camps showed up in record-breaking numbers with parents to the first Leap4Peace meeting of 2013-2014. After a brief introduction of the 6 new staff members, the kids left to start their first Leap activity while their parents stayed to have a information session with Kids4Peace administrative staff. Leap4Peace 2013-2014 has so many participants that for the first time ever there will be TWO groups in Leap4Peace!

After exciting name games, get-to-know-you games, and a few discussions on expectations for the coming year, the youth and their new advisors already felt like close friends ready for an exciting year. One of the groups played a name game with a ball of yarn to make a huge web, which would connect everyone with each other. Out of the yarn friendship bracelets were created, requiring a friend to help tie the bracelet on. The kids were challenged to wear them as long as possible—with promise of a prize for the one whose bracelet lasts the longest!

DSCN0973-1 (dragged)

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