Meet Our Interns: Atar Stav of UNC-Chapel Hill

Fr. Josh Thomas —  October 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

ImageAtar is interning at the Kids4Peace International office in Durham, NC.  She is gathering stories of Kids4Peace staff, volunteers and participants.  To share your story, email 

My name is Atar Stav and I’m 21 years old. I was born in Kibbutz Gesher in Israel, by the Sea of Galilee. When I was a teenager, my parents, sister, and I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2010 I started studying at UNC-Chapel Hill where I am currently a senior. At UNC, I study History and International Relations. I study French and Portuguese, as well. At UNC, I embraced my long-time love for music, working as a DJ at the university’s radio station, WXYC.

Through my studies at UNC, as well as familial history and childhood in Israel, I have developed an interest in conflict resolution, especially the Israeli Palestinian conflict. I believe that peace can only be achieved through equal, honest, and respectful conversation between all the parties involved in the conflict, which is why I am excited to intern with Kids4Peace.

I believe that Kids4Peace provides a platform for dialogue and mutual-understanding, which is imperative to promote peace, and am honored to take part in and volunteer with this organization.”

Fr. Josh Thomas


Executive Director (USA) of Kids4Peace International. Presbyter, The Episcopal Church.

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