Kids Learn About Intentional Communities and Ecological Stewardship on Days Four and Five of Ketura Camp

stevek4p —  August 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

My apologies for not updating sooner. This blogger got a bit inundated with other camp responsibilities. But let me take this opportunity to fill you in on the last few days of camp.

On Wednesday, we returned to business as usual at camp. We began the day in dialogue groups. We discussed the way that the north star helps us to find our direction, our goals. In small groups of new friends, each kid thought of one goal for the next year and wrote it on a piece of yellow paper. Then, the kids fit the pieces into the shape of a star. Each person’s goals fit together perfectly. With the help of our friends, we can achieve anything.

During the afternoon, the kids learned about intentional communities. A representative from a kibbutz explained how the kibbutz is organized to reflect the ideology of its members. After her explanation, the kids got to design their own kibbutz…out of ICE CREAM! And then eat it!

In the evening, our group had a pool party with lots of delicious food and fun music.

On Thursday morning, the New Generation campers joined the Roots campers on a trip to learn about environmental stewardship. We learned about compost toilets, rolled seed balls, and made bricks out of mud and straw.

In the afternoon, there was an all camp presentation. The dance and movement group had a recital in front of the whole camp and we enjoyed the premier of Roots’ new song (video forthcoming)!

Be on the look out for videos from the Roots and New Generation groups in the next few days!


DSC00246Opening the Day

DSC00254Our own Big Dipper

DSC00276…and North Star

DSC00275Planning their ice cream community

DSC00274Another Ice Cream Community

DSC00280Barbecue and Pool Party


DSC00314Recipe for Seed Balls

DSC00318Learning how to make Seed Balls

DSC00317Making Seed Balls

DSC00327…and Mud Bricks


The Roots Camp Debuted their song with the help from some New Generation Campers

DSC00352And a conga line ensued. 


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