Introducing the Three Faiths

rachlf —  May 23, 2013 — Leave a comment

After an exciting weekend in Jordan with Kids4Peace, the office here in Jerusalem returned to our regularly scheduled programming. Our two groups of first year students met again after a month long hiatus and with only a couple of names forgotten, they jumped back into the swing of things. Our group heading to Atlanta this summer spent their meeting discussing religious objects and tenants of each faith group. All the kids were extremely eager to share their own object and learn more about the other religions as well. We are happy to report our originally planned 20 minute activity lasted over an hour!

Sharing more about the Quran with the group.

Teaching us about the Kiddish cup and the dreidel and their significance within Judaism.

As an interfaith organization it is always exciting and rewarding to see the youth begin to learn more about the other religions represented in Kids4Peace and act as a knowledge base for their own religion. During this meeting we began to explore the similarities and differences within Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as the youth described the religious objects they brought from home. It’s safe to say that everyone learned a little bit more about their friend’s religion! After being engaged and attentive for over an hour, kids being kids, we ended the meeting with a fun, energetic, team building activity.

Blindfolded, being led by their teammates to find an object in the room.

With a lot of shouting and laughing we ended a great meeting with a great group of kids. Stay tuned to hear more news from Jerusalem!

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